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Brewing Equipment

Brewing Equipment

The Brewing Tank

If you have a stainless steel brewing equipment fermenter then the likelihood is that it will come into contact with the brewery tank. If this is not a problem then great as this means that the whole purpose of the fermenter is effectively nullified, but if it does then you really do need to take some time out to get everything clean so as to enjoy that lovely froth on your keg or beer. The brewery tank will be lined with glass and its job is to trap all the sediment and bacteria from the beer, making sure it never gets to air. This means that once the fermentation is complete then it can be completely cleaned of all sediment and bacteria using one of two methods.

Traditional Yeast Storage Tanks - If you have a traditional set up then chances are that the Glacier Tanks that you have are built to be very deep and can house the whole yeast strain in the same way as traditional storage tanks. This means that the entire space is going to be covered in pitch, which need to be constantly aerated and cleaned, and the fermentation process can last months before it is complete. Due to this method of storage tanks you might struggle to actually smell the yeast at all and this can have a number of unpleasant impacts. In the darker beers this can lead to a musty smell, whereas if you use the clear beer yeast tanks then you will notice that you can actually smell the yeast and this can be a great thing as you can then increase the fermentation process and try to actually achieve a more balanced taste to your beers and lagers.

Metal Bright Beer Tanks - Metal storage tanks are great if you only want to store off the aromas for a short period of time and the fact that they have a lid means that the smells are trapped inside and therefore are a great thing to use when you want to keep the yeast in a smaller batch for a few weeks. The downside of these metal storage tanks is that they are often very light and therefore difficult to clean as they cannot be put through the dishwasher. However, they do tend to ferment faster than the wooden drums or cylindro-conical tanks and so if speed is a priority then this can be a viable option.

Sight Glass Yeast Refrigeration Tube - This tube will have a single control valve at the bottom of the tube which will regulate the temperature of the beer and will stop it from rising too much. The tube can also be used with the brewery tank to give you a more consistent amount of cooling and this means that the whole cycle can be complete in less than one day. A Sight Glass can also ferment at a lower rate than a cylindrical or other storage tank and this means that you will not need to do anything else but allow the yeast to complete the fermentation process. This can be a really good option for small batches as well.

Fermentation Vacs - There are many variations on the fermenting vats and what they do is they heat the airlock and oxygenate the air. This then slows down the fermentation process and slows the conditioning process. They will need to be used very preciously and are best suited for small batches. If you are looking at getting a large number of these for your food processing area, you may want to think about buying an airlock separately. However there is a wide range of this type of equipment to suit almost any requirement. All you need to do is find the one that suits your needs.

A Stainless Steel Valve - One of the most important pieces of equipment that you should invest in is a stainless steel valve because they are extremely tough and resistant to corrosion. There are now stainless steels that are actually suitable for use in food processing so this means that you will get even better resistance to corrosion from these pieces of equipment. You should also remember that they do not usually rust at all so you will not need to worry about rust forming on them either. It is worth thinking about what you are going to be using the valve for. For example, if you are using it just for cleaning the mash tun then you will not need anything fancy as these pieces of equipment should be able to do the job effectively. This post: https://www.dictionary.com/browse/brewing will help you understand the topic even better.

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